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Gene description

Family with sequence similarity 213, member B

Human tissue RNA category


Mouse gene

ENSMUSG00000029059 (version 78)

Annotation summary

Immunoreactivity in subsets of neurons (soma, processes and some nuclei stained), most abundant in olfactory bulb, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus among others.

Positive cells and structures

Soma, nucleus and dendrite in neurons.
Choroid plexus of ependymal cells.


Olfactory bulb
Motor cortex
Motor tregiminal nucleus
Cochlear nucleus
Paraventricular and periventricular hypothalamic nucleus

Relative fluorescence intensity

Mouse brain region


olfactory bulb, forebrain
Anterior olfactory nucleus (aon)
Granule cell layer (gro)
Internal plexiform layer (ipl)
Mitral cell layer (mi)
Glomerular layer (gl)
Rostral migratory stream (rms)
External plexiform layer (epl)
External plexiform layer of the accessory OB (epla)
Granule cell layer of the accessory OB (gra)
Glomerular layer of the accessory OB (gla)
basal forebrain, forebrain
Dorsal tenia tecta (dtt)
Caudate putamen (cpu)
Accumbens nucleus, core (acbc)
Accumbens nucleus, shell (acbsh)
Island of Calleja (icj)
Ventral pallidum (vp) N/A
Medial septum (ms)
Nucleus of the vertical limb of the diagonal band (vdb) N/A
Lateral septum (ls)
Nucleus of the horizontal limb of the diagonal band (hdb)
Globus pallidus (gp)
cerebral cortex, forebrain
Frontal association cortex (fra)
Motor cortex (m)
Cingulate cortex (cg)
Piriform cortex, L1 (pirl1)
Piriform cortex, L2 (pirl2)
Piriform cortex, L3 (pirl3)
Insular cortex (i)
Somatosensory cortex (s)
Retrosplenial granular cortex (rsg)
Parietal association cortex (p)
Entorhinal cortex (ent)
Visual cortex (v)
hippocampus, forebrain
Polymorph layer of the dentate gyrus (podg)
Molecular layer of the dentate gyrus (modg)
Granular dentate gyrus (grdg)
CA1 - oriens layer (ca1or)
CA1 - pyramidal layer (ca1py)
CA1 - radiatum layer (ca1ra)
CA2 - oriens layer (ca2or)
CA2 - pyramidal layer (ca2py)
CA2 - radiatum layer (ca2ra)
CA3 - oriens layer (ca3or)
CA3 - pyramidal layer (ca3py)
CA3 - radiatum layer (ca3ra)
Stratum lucidum (slu)
Lacunosum moleculare (lmol)
Subiculum (sub)
circumventricular organs, forebrain
Subfornical organ (sfo)
amygdala, forebrain
Nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract (lot)
Basal medial amygdaloid nucleus (bma)
Basal lateral amygdaloid nucleus (bla)
Cortical amygdala (aco)
Central amygdala (ce)
Medial amygdaloid nucleus (mea)
circumventricular organs, interbrain
Subcommissural organ (sco) N/A
Median eminence (me) N/A
hypothalamus, interbrain
Periventricular hypothalamic nucleus (pe)
Supraoptic nucleus (so)
Dorsal tuberomammillary nucleus (dtm) N/A
Tuberal nucleus (tu) N/A
Ventral tuberomammillary nucleus (vtm) N/A
Mammillary nucleus (mn)
Lateral preoptic area (lpo)
Medial preoptic area (mpo)
Suprachiasmatic nucleus (sch)
Paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus (pa)
Anterior hypothalamic area, central (ahc)
Ventral medial hypothalamic nucleus (vmh) N/A
Arcuate nucleus (arc)
Peduncular part of lateral hypothalmus (plh) N/A
Dorsal medial hypothalamic nucleus (dm) N/A
thalamus, interbrain
Pregeniculate nucleus (pg)
Zona incerta (zi)
Stria terminalis (st)
Medial geniculate nucleus (mg)
Parafascicular thalamic nucleus (pf) N/A
Anterodorsal thalamic nucleus (ad)
Reticular thalamic nucleus (rt)
Vental anterior thalamic nucleus (va)
Medial habenular nucleus (mhb)
Laterodorsal thalamic area (ld)
Paraventricular thalamic nucleus (pv)
Central medial thalamic area (cm)
Ventral lateral thalamic area (vl)
Ventral medial thalamic area (vm)
Lateral habenulal nucleus (lhb)
Ventral posterior thalamus (vpt) N/A
Anterior pretactal nucleus (apt)
Retromammillary nucleus (rm)
midbrain motor, midbrain
Substantia nigra, reticular (snr)
Periaquaductal grey (pag)
Interpeduncular nucleus (ip)
Mesencephalic retic form (mrt)
Red nucleus (r)
Oculomotor nucleus (3n)
Mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus (me5) N/A
Ventral tegmental area (vta)
midbrain behavioral, midbrain
Substantia nigra, compact (snc)
Dorsal raphe nucleus (dr)
Median raphe nucleus (mnr)
midbrain sensory, midbrain
Superior colliculi (sc)
External cortical inferior colliculli (ecic)
cerebellum, hindbrain
Vestibulocerebellar nucleus (vecb) N/A
Moleuclar layer of the cerebellum (cemol)
Purkinje layer of the cerebellum (cepur)
Granular layer of the cerebellum (cegr)
circumventricular organs, hindbrain
Medulla (ap) N/A
pons, hindbrain
Koelliker-fuse nucleus (kf) N/A
Principle sensory trigeminal nucleus (pr5)
Barrington's nucleus (bar) N/A
Motor tregiminal nucleus (5n)
Parabrachial nucleus (pbp)
Locus coeruleus (lc)
Pontine nucleus (pn)
Vestibular nucleus (ve)
Pontine reticular nucleus, oral (pno)
Lateral lemniscus (ll)
Superior paraolivary nucleus (spo) N/A
medulla, hindbrain
Nucleus of the solitary tract (sol)
Raphe magnus nucleus (rmg)
Cochlear nucleus (cn)
Lateral paragigantocellular nucleus (lpg)
Raphe pallidus nucleus (rpa)
Facial nucleus (7n)
Hypoglossal nucleus (12n)
Ambiguus nucleus (amb)
External cuneate nucleus (ecu) N/A
Inferior olivary nucleus (io)
Raphe obscures nucleus (rob)
Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus (10n)

Antibodies in assay