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Normal kidney showing the expression of CD31 (also named PECAM1) in endothelial cells of vessels, highlighting the capillary-rich glomeruli.

CD31 (PECAM1) - Marker for blood vessels

CD-markers (Cluster of Differentiation) are antibodies that recognize cell surface antigens and antibodies detecting specific CD antigens are used in immunohistochemistry, mainly to distinguish different types of immune cells.

CD31 is a transmembrane glycoprotein, also named PECAM1 (platelet-endothelium cell adhesion molecule). CD31 belongs to the immunoglobulin super family and plays a role in thrombosis and angiogenesis. CD31 is strongly expressed in endothelial cells. CD31 antibodies are used to visualize the vasculature in normal and pathological conditions. Alternative general markers of endothelial cells are antibodies detecting the CD34 molecule.

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